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Chapter 11: Hud

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1]  Alif Lam Ra. (This is) a Book, with verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning) - further explained in detail - from One Who is Wise and Well-Acquainted (with all things):

[2]  (It teacheth) that ye should worship none but Allah. (Say:) "Verily I am (sent) unto you from Him to warn and to bring glad tidings:

[3]  "(And to preach thus), 'Seek ye the forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance; that He may grant you enjoyment, good (and true), for a term appointed, and bestow His abounding grace on all who abound in merit! but if ye turn away, then I fear for you the Penalty of a Great Day:

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